Microfaser-Bettwäsche 1476 1968 mit römischen Mustern in Braun - 3tlg. 180x200

Bettwäsche besteht aus 100% hochwertiger Mikrofaser.

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Microfibre Bedding 1476 - Roman Patterns in Bronze

Elegance and Comfort Combined

Among the plethora of home textiles available on the market, our microfibre bedding stands out not only for its unique pattern reminiscent of ancient Rome but especially for its quality of craftsmanship. Roman patterns in shades of bronze give the bedroom a distinct character, evoking the richness of ancient culture.

Non-Fading and User-Friendly

Thanks to the use of modern production technologies, our bedding does not fade, which means you can enjoy its beautiful appearance for a long time without worrying about the colors losing their intensity. The bedding is easy to care for: it can be washed at temperatures up to 30 degrees and ironed, ensuring it always looks as good as new.

Set Composition

The bedding set includes two pillows measuring 70x80 cm and a duvet cover measuring 180x200 cm. All components perfectly complement each other, creating a coherent and harmonious whole.

Purchase with confidence and enjoy the quality of microfibre bedding!

180 x 200cm
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